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Hey folks — Ben Parker, Nick Brown, Jake Spirek, Katie Ngo, and I built this website to help support our home city's small business community. This is a VERSION 2 of our previous project here: What's new: - New cards to better showcase data - Takeout/Delivery/Curbside is now a multiref for Jetboost - Locations is now a filter - "Tip a Server" is now active - Our Integromat scenarios are cloneable! - Minor design revisions The stack here is: Webflow, Integromat, and Jetboost. Here's a video tutorial on how to set this up: If you're a self-starter — we've got a place for you to go download Integromat Blueprints + easily get your scenario up-and-running. Download them here: -- For those who used the V1 but want the V2 cards, a tutorial is here:

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