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I started a design collective called "The Tin Roof Design Agency" because I thought it would be easier to explain an agency to clients over a collective. However, all the work I get and continue to get is through my personal brand and so TRDA never took off and one could call it a "failed project". I don't see it that way because it helped me re-focus all my energy into building out my own brand — it's where all the work was coming from anyway. Plus, I like my own brand because I can infuse it more with who I am. I wanted this site to have minimal color and I'm super happy with the direction that it took. I never got around to designing and/or developing a case study section, but have the ideas in my head 🤗— it's not going to happen because this business idea is caput; I'll reuse the ideas as a starting point at a later date for something else I'm sure. Anyway, enjoy another Webflow project 🙌

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