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Apartma Bela is situated in the heart of Robanov kot – the most well preserved glacial valley in the Solcava region of Slovenia. With calm and cozy suites, it’s the perfect starting point for hiking, mountaineering or cycling around the area. Our vision was to sell an experience rather than just an accommodation. We achieved this by putting the alpine vacation experience into a digital one — not only offering a detailed look inside Apartma Bela, but also all around. Now, a multilingual website welcomes sports-enthusiastic guests to immerse themselves into the Apartma Bela atmosphere way before their vacation begins. The website is accentuated by natural tones of green and orange, underlining the idyllic surroundings. Fun fact: The name Apartma Bela derives from a river by the same name flowing right next to the house. As a nod to this, we added unique twists to the website (Spoiler: It’s the logo).

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