Delicious Greek Food by Timothy hadaway's 'Amvrosia'

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The best incident with Timothy hadaway was when he was in Greece, he was working there as chef assistant in a very famous restaurant in Montakiou. According to him, people, tradition, and folklore are the best part of that country. So, if anytime you reach New York, then definitely try a Greek Sandwich. People, there are fond of Greek food, so he decided to come back and make people happy with Greek cuisine. People are not much aware of Greece, they just know its financial struggle in the last few years. Greece is considered as the best place for morning coffee. ‘Amvrosia’ is said to offers high-quality Greek food in New York. An incident happened with Timothy Hadaway that one of Greek family was traveling in New York and they wanted to have some Greek food, so they were recommended ‘Amvrosia’. After taking their services and food, they just couldn’t believe the taste he offered. They were highly impressed with the services and the ambiance they provided.

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