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This is the first very complete website I have designed. The idea was to develop a business website for an Interior Design firm. The goal was to make it simple, while utilizing as much real estate for showcasing actual design work throughout the site. It was also my intention to have call-to-actions throughout the site, so that users could easily reach the design firm, and so that the firm would get clients. One of the main challenges of building this page was figuring out ways to make it run faster. Although page load speed isn't fast enough, because there is no hosting on this site, the speed is relatively good enough for a showcase work. Another noteworthy challenge was to make the site content dynamic as possible for CMS (Content Management System). If this site was built for an actual client, they would a CMS that is easy to use yet also flexible to their needs, so that their site is constantly changing and adapting to their clients' needs.

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