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Arthr was born from a love of live performance, electronic & experimental music and animation that comes to life through an animated character - Arthr. The ‘Arthr sound’ has been developed through an exploration of powerful film scores as well as dreamy, gritty electronic & experimental music. It’s a varied mix in terms of genre, brought together by similar themes such as melody, keys and live percussion that run throughout. As well as being heavily electronically influenced, live performance plays a key part, incorporating bass, rhythm/lead guitars, drums, keyboards and a host of other instruments. ​'Arthr Live’ is driven by all original music and video content, reconstructed and remixed live, to create a unique narrative to the performance. Re-creating these elements in a live format, where visual performance is as important as the music itself, means Arthr as a character/collection of ideas translates into the club, festival & live environments.

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