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This is the Webflow version of the 2015 Material Design Lite from Google developers as found here: I plan to use this template to show on the forum how it can be converted to Wordpress. Cloning will be allowed once page is optimized. Version history: 20150812-V1.0 First version with simple layout. 2 Pager. Plans for updates: 1. Better & more interactions 2. Custom CSS 3. Form styling 4. Symbols 5. Additional Navigation. 20151114 6. Add CMS functionality, make posts, and authors. 7. Dynamic home page, based on last 4 articles 8. Added the orginal (static) pages as symbols 9. Cloning is now possible To Do: - Fix navigation on pages - Improve footer - Do something usefull with the comment-section - Add like, save, and share button functionality

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