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Single page home for a new virtual band. The target demographic, as they put it, is no longer Baby Shark but not quite Cardi B. The band is the brain child of Genevieve Ledoux (Emmy-winner, Tumble Leaf) and Andy Kurtz (Ink Dot Boy; Composer, The Poet). We handled the branding as well as the web design. We were super fortunate to work with the amazing Dusty Higgins' artwork. We used Webflow mixed with some custom CSS and Javascript. Slug Mode was designed entirely in native Webflow then triggered by a Javascript class addition to the body. There is a decent amount of custom code here for a couple things: -SVG images for the Star Kid menu and Star Forest logo -HTML5 Audio Player of the album -Pseudo Elements and Clip Paths to make the cartoon box effects -CSS Animations for the color changing effects If anyone is interested in seeing how we did any of the things here, just let us know in the comments and we'll make a cloneable of that element.

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