Webflow in 2022


We’re bursting with joy over all the incredible customer achievements, product advancements, and community love from the past year.

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sites created by the Webflow community in 2022

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Appart website
Weglot website
Three Sixty Eight website
Folklore website

Made in Webflow

Headspace Health website
Vaayu website
Creative South website
The Black Pepper website
Lift Every Voice website
Attentive Holiday website

Pop some bubbly for these brilliant builds

Fan faves, based on your likes and clones.

We grew to 875+ experts strong

Dreaming big, shipping often

We launched a lot of new stuff this year — all so you can, too.


Build better

Unlock new levels of productivity and control in the Designer.

  • Easily leverage components (formerly Symbols) in your designs.

  • Scale your content with filtering, faster publishing, and other CMS updates.

  • Search classes and preview their CSS properties in the Style Manager.


Build bigger

Bring more power to your sites with apps and native beta features.


Build smarter

Go from design to dev with less hassle.

  • Find everything you need to build an amazing site in the Marketplace.

  • Jumpstart your designs with Libraries from top creators.

  • Get matched with the perfect Expert for your next project.


Build together

After all, teamwork makes the dream work!


Build for clients

Grow your business with new plans and perks for freelancers and agencies.

  • Get full CMS access on client builds — no Site plan required.

  • Enjoy free guest access in client Workspaces.

  • Find more clients with an updated Experts experience in the Marketplace.

An A+ year for Webflow learners

Students of all skill levels hit the (virtual) books.

students with free Webflow Classroom plans

educators with free Webflow Classroom plans

certifications earned

hours of Webflow University watched

Best in class

Build your skills with the most popular lessons from 2022.

Figma to Webflow: Introduction
Intro to Figma
Build your Figma design in Webflow
Cinema 4D & Octane for beginners
Convert images to WebP in the Webflow Designer

Shoutouts from star students

These tutorials are a work of art.

Thank you Webflow devs! This platform just gets better and better.

Absolutely magnanimous work from their tutorial team, not a single video has bored me and made learning their software fun.

L. m. a. o. — Informative, excited to enroll, laughed out loud. Thank you so much for these tutorials.

Webflow consistently produces some of the best videos on the internet. Few walk the tightrope between informative and engaging better.

Can't think of any paid course I've done that even gets close to the quality you guys deliver.

More than a just a conference

Our community came together — in person and online — for interactive challenges, thought-provoking panels, and good ol’ fun at Webflow Conf.

countries represented

Celebrating the creative and the clever

Customer Awards

Showcasing the best websites built for businesses‚ no matter how large or small.

Community Awards

Recognizing Webflow users who are shaping the future of visual development.

Partner Awards

Rewarding projects brought to life by Webflow Experts around the globe.

Speed Build Challenge logo
Felixander Yuan, winner of the 2022 speed build challenge

Congratulations to the 2022 winner, Felixander Yuan!

Runner up: KC Katalbas
Third place: Carlos Sepulveda

countries represented
Learn more about the competitors

Highlights from our hype crew

See Tweet on Twitter

All these awesome announcements and features dropping at #WebflowConf are definitely motivating me to start sharing my work and engaging in the #Webflow community!

Nov 10, 2022
See Tweet on Twitter
Ozge Keles

Just opened this account while watching #WebflowConf, it inspired me to finally get out of my shell and try to engage with the #Webflow community!

Nov 9, 2022
See Tweet on Twitter
Mikey T. Krieger

Wow @webflow literally doing everything, everywhere all at once. This @webflowconf is incredible already. 🙌🏻👏🏻🤸🏼

Nov 9, 2022
See Tweet on Twitter
keith 𓅪

Jaw to the floor with the announcements at @webflowconf 😳

Future is looking real bright for this community. ❤️

Nov 9, 2022
See Tweet on Twitter
Christine Maggi

Screaming, crying, throwing up.

This @webflowconf Speed Build Challenge has me on the edge of my seat. The crowd is going wild.

Nov 10, 2022
See Tweet on Twitter
riley (laidoff:looking for a job)

Okay @webflow you didn’t have to go this hard at @webflowconf, but I’m not complaining.

This is…


Nov 9, 2022
See Tweet on Twitter
John D Saunders | Webflow Web Design & Systems

@webflowconf is really remarkable.  So many amazing announcements, people and features dropping.

HONORED to be a part of this community and WILL NOT be missing another in-person conference again!

Nov 9, 2022
See Tweet on Twitter
Grace Walker

You know you’re in the right room when the crowd goes wild for variable fonts 🙌


Nov 9, 2022
See Tweet on Twitter
The Carter Ogunsola

@webflowconf just announced components and I’m buzzing!

Nov 9, 2022
See Tweet on Twitter
Josh Hartman

Super excited that @webflow is putting out more tools & resources for developers. While no-code is great, they understand the value of leveraging both (for obvious reasons). Team work makes the dream work 🤝

Nov 9, 2022
See Tweet on Twitter
KC Katalbas

What a day. Thank you @webflowconf for an incredible conference! I’ve truly had the time of my life getting to be a part of it.

Nov 10, 2022

Big numbers, bigger hearts

A growing community full of love, knowledge, and support.

new people joined the party across our social media channels

followers on Instagram — and Twitter and  LinkedIn.

Tweets that got us in our feelings

Share a piece of gratitude

From this past year, who are the Webflow community members have helped you in a big way and how did they help you? Let's spread the #WebflowLove ❤️

Nov 8, 2022
Replying to @thepixelgeek
See Tweet on Twitter
Kajal Valand ❤️

S/O to @thepixelgeek for inviting me to be a guest judge for the first round of the Speed Build Challenge. @CCafeo I've spoken to some amazing women and learnt/learning from them ❤️ the Floxies Community. @timothy1643 tutorials have helped me to create some cool Webflow sites. 🤩

Nov 9, 2022
See Tweet on Twitter
Josh Loh

@raymmar_ and @joekrug for interacting with me on YT live chat.

@melydelmar06 for creating such a welcoming space at @joinflowparty AND introducing @relume_io to me @AdamMura for replying to my random Twitter DM @EmilyLonetto for sharing with me the vision of @webflow communities

Nov 9, 2022
See Tweet on Twitter
Dan Guerra

The @weare8020 team, with special shout out to @coco_vega and @MaxJoles. The nicest guys on earth.

@callmejohnnie anytime the opportunity arises, I'll bring his name to the table. My life literally changed after a 2-hours conversation with him.

Nov 9, 2022
See Tweet on Twitter

@WebIsBae for his practical and succint technical webflow tutorials on youtube, making the transition from no-code to some code easier and understandable.

Nov 9, 2022
See Tweet on Twitter
Matt Evans 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿☘️

Have to say @JackRedley1 of #webflail fame has been a late bolter on this front. Delivering so much value above and below the water.

@MaxJoles has been a stellar mentor in my first year at @weare8020 too. #rockstar Thank you.

Nov 9, 2022
See Tweet on Twitter
Edgar Allan

Hi5 to @ColleenMBrady for always jumping into everything, @raymmar_ for being an amazing instigator, @florencia and @felixdigitalco for pushing Webflow en Español and @mattvaru for being on my support team.

Also… thank you @thepixelgeek, @EmilyLonetto just being everywhere

Nov 8, 2022
See Tweet on Twitter
Jacob Olenick

@miltonisblurrd always comes through with the latest Webflow and integration updates and how to apply them.

Nov 8, 2022
See Tweet on Twitter
Cory Runnells, aka "Flowman!"

@CoreyGMoen He was my cheerleader, mentor, advisor, and all things supportive from the day we “meet”.

Shoutout to @tonyseets for riding the transition to “full-time freelancer” with me. Tireless and endless support from this man as well.

Nov 8, 2022

We started popping up on FYPs

Watch more TikToks
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POV: you’re a designer

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Slow down

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Pinterest and Dribbble

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Webflow University

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3 Webflow hacks you didn’t know about

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Original sound_Anti-hero image - @webflow
Original sound_Anti-hero image - @webflow
Original sound_Anti-hero image - @webflow
Original sound_Anti-hero image - @webflow
Original sound_Anti-hero image - @webflow

Investing in what we believe in

We’re grateful for these opportunities to give back in 2022.


Community Grants

We’re investing $10M back into our community.

Our first round of recipients are hosting community events around the world and creating Webflow courses and materials in French, Spanish, and Italian.

Explore community grants


Refugee relief

We stand with refugees impacted by war and threats to their security and safety.

We matched community donations 4:1 for a total of more than $400,000 for organizations aiding refugees from Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, and Venezuela.

Learn about refugee relief


Girls Who Code Summer Immersion program

We teamed up to give 9th-11th grade students the best summer ever.

Students learned the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and working in Webflow. They also participated in bonding activities with each other and women from Webflow.

Explore the program


Meaningful merch

Our merch store continues to donate 100% of profits to charity.

Thanks to the Webflow community, we raised thousands of dollars for the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund, Syrian Refugee Relief Fund, It Gets Better, and Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund.

Buy merch

An unforgettable year, start to finish

We can’t stop thinking about these shining moments.

Series C

Our third round of funding enables us to further invest in our product as well as directly into our community through Webflow Community Grants.

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Webflow Inspo

Our creative inspiration newsletter — featuring sites #MadeInWebflow — made quite a splash, reaching more than 1 million subscribers.

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Generation No-Code

This Webflow TV-exclusive series features real stories of how no-code tools (and the passionate people who use them) are closing the gap between idea and impact.

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Figma to Webflow Course

Building with our besties — learn how to go from idea to final output with Figma, Cinema 4D and Octane, and Webflow.

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