Join your client’s Workspace for free as a guest

Today, we’re making it easier than ever for freelancers and agencies to collaborate with clients by introducing a new guest role that lets you join client Workspaces with full design access — for free. 

As we announced in September of this year, our new Freelancer and Agency Workspace plans are designed with full-time Webflow professionals in mind, and a crucial piece of these plans is making it easier (and cheaper) to “drop in” to a client’s Workspace without forcing clients to pay for an additional seat on their team, share login credentials, or transfer the site back and forth. 

The idea is: you’re a full-time Webflow professional and already a paying customer, so we want to make your client collaboration process as frictionless as possible. The Agency or Freelancer Guest role does just that.

How can clients invite me to their Workspace?

Customers on any of our Workspace plans can invite an Agency or Freelancer Guest from the Member tab of the Webflow Dashboard. The invitee (that’s you!) will get notified via email that you’ve been invited as a guest, and if you’re on either the Freelancer or Agency Workspace plan you’ll be able to join for free. As an Agency or Freelancer Guest, you’ll be able to access all new and existing sites in the client’s Workspace, but you won’t be able to access confidential Workspace settings. 

(Need to show your clients how this works? Here’s a quick guide that you can send them that details how they can invite you into their Workspace as a guest.)

The Agency or Freelancer Guest role will allow you to collaborate in your client’s Workspace for free.
The Agency or Freelancer Guest role will allow you to collaborate in your client’s Workspace for free.

This new role is part of our ongoing work to make collaboration between freelancers, agencies, and their clients more powerful in Webflow. Next, we’ll let you choose which sites you want Agency or Freelancer Guests to be able to access, adding another level of control, security, and customization to how you work with guests.

For all the details about this release, check out our documentation of the new feature.

Now clients can invite you to join their Workspace for free as a guest if you’re on the Freelancer or Agency plan.



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