Memberships beta

We’re excited to announce that the Memberships beta is now available in product across all Webflow site plans. So what is Memberships, and who should make use of this beta? 

Memberships lets you create gated content experiences for logged in users, directly in your Webflow site. In beta, we are seeing folks successfully leverage this functionality to create private portals (for employees, customers and partners), to gate their premium content (whether free or paid) and even to monetize online course experiences. 

What’s next for Memberships?

Because Memberships is still in beta, the functionality may not be as complete as you’d expect from other core Webflow features. Over the coming months and leading up to general availability we are focused on adding features that allow more granular control of the end user experience — such as gating visibility of individual elements and user data binding — as well as improvements that make user data more flexible and robust, like reference fields. 

How to get started

Our product documentation will help you understand how to set up the core functionality.

Join our beta community to connect with other beta users as well as access a feature list, and product tips and tricks. 

If you run into any issues, please submit a ticket through the Webflow Support portal.

We’re excited to announce that Memberships is now available in beta for all customers.



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