🔴 NFT store with minting and Metamask connection

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💠The website for NFT Moon — NFT Moon’s Store. ℹ The client wanted an NFT store landing page where users can mint NFTs directly from their website. They wanted a really simple website with an almost non-existent design but I wanted to make it a lil’ bit more interesting to interact with, so I’ve added flipping cards for each NFT token. Everything on this website was created with native Webflow functionality except minting (obviously!). The copy was provided by the client. 💥 ATTENTION: Do not attempt to mint anything on this website because it’s only for showcasing purposes. I’ve tried to disable minting, so it shouldn’t work. That being said, even if you manage to make it work, I strongly advise you not to do so. Obviously! Go to the client’s website after all! 👨🏻‍💻 Need a Webflow job? Wanna say hi? Feel free to reach out — https://georgy.design

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