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The amount of time I spent fixing shit left and right... JUST STRUCK ME! You know this moment! you "REALIZE" something... I realized I have been spending so much time trying to fix my website when it was on Wordpress. Comparing the results of my other site that's on webflow, and I have not checked in a while, its organic traffic has been increasing without me posting a thing for a while now... What I am trying to say is I did not update a single plugin or wordpress updates for the past 8 months because I was smart and decided to design scruffy the dog on Webflow from the beginning. Saved me time and made me money. This is why we are here today. is now proudly on Webflow. Let the real growth of our brand and business begin, and no more sleepless WORDPRESS NIGHTMARE nights... Up next, we are migrating Urban Pixel website from Wordpress to Webflow.

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