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In crafting the landing page for the Tezuka Reader, our aim was to mirror the simplicity and precision of visionOS. We infused the landing page with elements borrowed from visionOS's design language, creating an interface that resonates with its environment. The navigational bar and document title area are not just placeholders but integral parts of the cohesive experience, ensuring a seamless transition for users of the OS. The landing page's theme is a testament to understated sophistication. It showcases an uncluttered, dark design, which not only appeals to the aesthetic sensibility but also enhances mobile readability. The content's narrow width is a deliberate choice, inviting users to engage with the manga content without distraction. Our design approach for the Tezuka Reader landing page adheres to a philosophy of clarity and immersion. The interface elements, abstracted from visionOS's native components, maintain a familiar yet refreshing user experience.

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