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BioLoomics is a synthetic biology company operating at the cutting edge of drug discovery. In scaling their business, BioLoomics approached Wunderdogs to bring clarity and focus to their brand. BioLoomics is utilizing the latest iterations of AI and machine learning in combination with kinetic and spatial data to screen and pick at the cellular level. In addition to developing the core brand, we wanted to ensure the same clarity and focus transferred to how the brand came to life through the website. To translate the brand to web we wanted to lead with simplicity, creating a site that was engaging and impactful while offering a simple intuitive user experience. Visuals and illustrations integrate seamlessly throughout the site, bringing a sense of calm while light and dark areas form blocks of information to help users navigate content. The site brought together every step of the project into a single articulation of the value BioLoomics brings to the world.

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