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A project for the webflow party challenge I used Finsweet client first system Finsweet attributes slider Original project What’s the difference? - Free 3D asset for the cars - The fonts I used formula condensed and extended from which are free for personal projects but you can download them. I used Bebas neue and Orbitron from google fonts as free alternatives. Big mask text A premium font and converted them to svg. Process on youtube 1. Design 2. Build Unresolved issues: - For the slider, I enabled keyboard navigation. But, the text animation does not work. - Active slider nav item will not show if you navigate to an item outside of your screen with the arrow keys. - I tried to use a CMS collection on a separate page but the nav item does not show.
webflowpartyformula1finsweetclientfirstfinsweetattributes3d animationmaskmaskingvideo backgroundbackgroundvideoside-nav

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