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Looking for an alternative to WordPress? Meet Webflow.

Joe Dakroub
Joe Dakroub
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The marriage between the CMS and Designer tools in @webflowapp is what sets it apart. This is the future of digital design / development.

September 20, 2016

The professional's alternative
to WordPress

Webflow combines a fully customizable CMS with powerful visual website design tools, so you can build a custom database for every site, and design around your real content. And with nothing to install, automatic updates, and no PHP, it's the WordPress alternative you need.

Make the switch to Webflow in minutes with CSV import

Have a WordPress site with thousands of posts? You don't have to worry about losing any of that data when you migrate to Webflow.

Enter CSV import — a dead-simple way to transfer your WordPress content into Webflow CMS.

Read more about CSV import

Make the switch to Webflow in minutes with CSV import

Have a WordPress site with thousands of posts? You don't have to worry about losing any of that data when you migrate to Webflow.

Enter CSV import — a dead-simple way to transfer your WordPress content into Webflow CMS.

Read more about CSV import

Want to use Webflow — but your client loves WordPress?

Not to worry. Because with the Webflow Pages plugin for WordPress, you can enjoy all of Webflow’s visual design power, and give your client the WordPress experience they want.

Use Webflow Pages

Design freedom


Start with a blank canvas or one of over 100 templates and customize everything visually.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Unless you're a coder, you'll need a visual design plugin, or be restricted by available templates.

Code quality


Webflow outputs code that's as clean and semantic as you can make it.


WordPress code is notoriously bloated due to its reliance on plugins.


。◕ ‿ ◕。

Fully customizable SEO settings that are easy to setup. Webflow sites are built for the modern internet and search engines gives you extra points for mobile friendly design and performance.

。◕ ‿ ◕。

Easily customizable—as long as you're using a plugin. And if you know how to configure it.

Site security


Free SSL on all sites, backed by constant threat monitoring.


Also offers free SSL, but WP sites are known for their security vulnerabilities when not properly maintained.

User-friendliness of CMS


Simple on-page editing, minimal dashboard UI.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

The WordPress dashboard provides lots of options that are irrelevant to most clients, and lacks on-page editing.



Regularly cited as one of the best features of Webflow. See our Facebook reviews.


Mostly community-driven, so it can take time to get help.


。◕ ‿ ◕。

Client billing built right in, easy collaboration between design and content.


Great built-in editorial collaboration, but no native billing support.

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Design your vision, without code or plugins

With Webflow, you can design and develop completely custom websites — visually. 

And yeah, Webflow's got templates, if you want them — hundreds of them, all editable without touching a line of code.

But with Webflow, you don't need to rely on templates. Instead, you can start with a blank canvas, then design and develop every single detail on your own — without a developer's help, or any of the limits you’ve learned to expect from website builders. 

> No need for developer help or templates

> Complete design freedom — without the PHP or JavaScript

> No need to buy — and learn — a visual builder plugin

Joe Dakroub
Kenneth Yu
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I love how @webflow saves me from installing a bunch of plugins just to: ✅ Build visually ✅ Have custom post-types ✅ Connect to Google Analytics ✅ Manage SEO ✅ Use a custom font ✅ Create a form ✅ Integrate with @zapier Bravo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

November 30, 2018

Create Webflow CMS Collections by
combining various data types

Easily create future-friendly, structured content

Build the structure your content needs, instead of trying to fit WordPress's "just another blog post" approach. Mix and match 14 basic content types to build whatever you need — from a blog to a news site, help center to ecommerce store — then design dynamic template pages around your content. 

It's like building a bespoke database and content management for every client, except without all the coding.

> Build custom content types without hacking code

> Design dynamic page templates around your content

> Make your content future-friendly and reusable


Design clean, performant code

While WordPress plugins add a lot of functionality, they also add code bloat that inevitably slows down your sites. Webflow skips all that, so your site’s powered by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that’s as clean as you can make it. 

Plus, with automatically responsive images built right in, you can rest easy, knowing your gorgeous graphics aren’t making mobile users bounce.  

> No plugins to slow down your site

> Automatic responsive images

> Easy HTML5 semantics

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Joe Dakroub
Meng To
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It’s 1000% more enjoyable than Wordpress.

September 11, 2019
Joe Dakroub
Tony Vila
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Ok I can say it now, I hate #wordpress. If only it could work half as smooth as @webflow...trying to convince my boss to move to #webflow

December 16, 2016

Up your SEO game, without plugins

Webflow gives you quick and easy access to all the on-page SEO settings you need. And backs that up with clean, bloat-free code, massively simplified mobile-friendly design, and free SSL for everyone. And for CMS content, meta titles and descriptions are automatically created, based on fields you create and define.

> Optimize meta titles and descriptions, easily add canonical tags, and more 

> Create dynamic meta titles, descriptions, and OG data to automate your optimizations

> Create mobile-friendly, SSL-ready websites

See how transitioning from WordPress to Webflow helped digital agency AdLava dramatically improve nearly every organic traffic metric.


Say so long to website security concerns

WordPress sites getting hacked has become par for the course. 

Not so with Webflow. We constantly monitor our network to ensure it’s safe and intrusion-free. And with free SSL on all hosted websites, you and your visitors can feel safe sharing personal information.

> Free SSL for all sites with Webflow Hosting

> Secure, speedy Fastly CDN with 99% uptime

> Enterprise-grade security with ISO-27018 compliance


Give your clients and coworkers a more user-friendly CMS

The WordPress dashboard is packed with features and links most clients don’t need. Webflow CMS's dashboard, on the other hand, is streamlined and fully customizable by you and the client, based on your site's unique content structures. And best of all, it lets you write and edit right on your live website! 

There’s no simpler or more non-techy-friendly CMS out there.

> Edit content right on your live website

> Immerse yourself in content creation

> Control what's editable and what isn't


Get world-class support when you need it

Web design is complex. We get it. That’s why we have a dedicated support team that’s always quick to respond to emails, chats, and tweets. And our community forum plays hosts to thousands of designers and developers ready to help out and provide feedback. 

Finally, Webflow University contains tons of tutorials and guides to help you achieve whatever you need to get done.

> Responsive support via email, chat, and social networks

> Large, very active community forum

> A huge library of videos and tutorials to help you achieve just about anything


Simplify client billing and collaboration

Whether you’re an independent freelancer or an agency designer, you know client management takes a ton of time and headspace. Webflow simplifies that by giving you one place to build a style guide, prototype the site, or dive right into high-fidelity designs. However you've structured your design process, Webflow lets you do it all in one place.

Once the design’s approved, you can host with us, or export the code to hand off to developers. And if you host with us, you can set up Client Billing to automatically collect client payments for hosting and ongoing maintenance.

> Prototype your site with Webflow, and password protect it for client-only access

> Export to host elsewhere, or enjoy the fastest hosting on the web

> Use Client Billing to automate collection of upkeep and hosting fees