Webflow Virtual World Tour 2020 — session spotlight

Catch Co-founders and CMOs at the Webflow Virtual World Tour. Learn everything from how to build a brand to increasing site conversions.

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Get to know more of our awesome Webflow Virtual World Tour speakers!

Webflow Virtual World Tour will bring our customers, partners, and community together for a series of 9 remote events across 8 different time zones around the world.

You’ll learn from the Webflow team, engage with speakers, interact with other attendees, and leave feeling inspired with practical information to get started. Get to know a few of our speakers and then get your tickets.

Katherine Li, Co-founder at Butterfly FX

katherine li

At Webflow Virtual World Tour 2020, Katherine will be hosting the "How social enterprises can build their brands and win business" session. You can join this session to learn about how social enterprises can use Webflow to power their marketing departments. She’ll be covering how to use Webflow to complete quick cycles of learning for messaging and service positioning at lean startups.

“The key to great design is to start small, and then have fun with experimentation! I can’t wait to gain more exposure to the no code community, and to be inspired by the creativity of fellow creators. Learning is a lifelong journey, and this is an amazing opportunity to learn from others.”

Katherine started using Webflow in April of 2019. As a co-founder of a lean startup, she was in the process of seeking out funding and promotion opportunities for her company, Butterfly FX. The site that Butterfly FX was built on at the time was not optimized for a global audience and was becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

Already having an affinity for creativity, she built the new Butterfly FX site from scratch on Webflow — plotting out a vision and general objective for the site (e.g. to lend credibility), thinking through the palette, style, and elements, and then conducting quick experiments to garner feedback on what she built.

“We built our initial Webflow landing page from scratch, and it served as the virtual front door of our business for potential partners and investors before the first meeting. As we run our business virtually, it’s of the utmost importance that we provide a great first (digital) impression.”

Register now to catch Katherine’s session at the Seattle event.

Austin Distel, CMO at Proof

austin distel

Also, at Webflow Virtual World Tour 2020, you can catch Austin’s "7 proven ways to increase conversions on your Webflow site” session. In this talk, Austin will share how to build Webflow sites that are dynamic to a visitor's customer journey.

“Looking forward to sharing some real, tangible tactics to creating high converting, personalized Webflow sites. I save a lot of time by cloning or buying other people initial designs and then adapting the designs to our brand. I'm excited to play a small part in the Webflow story, since this is a tool I spend a lot of time in.”

Austin first discovered Webflow back in 2016 when his CTO sent him a link and said, "Austin we should build Proof's site on Webflow – this is awesome." That was the start to Austin’s journey of experimenting with and showing relevant content and calls-to-action to target audiences for a delightful, high-converting experience. Austin typically optimizes his time by finding inspiration on Dribbble, mapping out his design in Figma then searching through the library of cloneable projects on Webflow before he even begins building from scratch. By saving time on the build, Austin can focus more of his energy on determining what kind of content each customer persona needs to drive success in conversions.

“Newbies to the no code revolution should start with buying templates or clone projects from the community. Don't try to start from scratch in the beginning. When you find a base website or components you want to use, try to rebuild it yourself. Open to tabs, one with your empty project and the other with your inspiration project. Expand the website's nesting so you can see how it all fits together. Then rebuild each section, container, and element from the top down.”

Register now to catch Austin’s session at the Austin event.

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August 11, 2020

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