August 2023

Ellen Barlage

Student of the month

Introducing Ellen, our August Student of the Month, currently pursuing a BFA in graphic design at Northern Kentucky University!

Her exposure to coding in Dreamweaver led her to explore Webflow, which is where she crafted her submission; a fictional "Chicken Super Villain" restaurant, with each menu item presenting a different challenge from the notorious "Wicked Chicken." 

In her past coursework, such as packaging design, Ellen developed the skill of tailoring the user experience to a specific audience, whether digital or physical. This approach shines through in her recent project, where she created a fictitious paper company for a class assignment.

Looking ahead, Ellen aims to stay in Cincinnati and is most excited about collaborating with others in her graphic design journey!

SOTM Winnier
Ellen Barlage
Ellen Barlage
Kentucky, USA
Northern Kentucky University