May 2023

Merrin Kelly

Student of the month

Merrin Kelly, a student at Northern Kentucky University, has been named our Student of the Month. She stumbled upon Webflow's Student of the Month program through her professor and decided to submit her project, not really expecting to win.

Merrin's journey began in high school when she was introduced to Media Informatics and discovered her interest in coding. However, her true passion lay in graphic design. In college, she pursued Visual Communication design and learned coding languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Recently, her professor introduced her to Webflow, which initially overwhelmed her. Fortunately, she found the Webflow University tutorials and documentation helpful in understanding the tool. Over time, she started creating more complex designs compared to her peers and found joy in helping them with their questions about Webflow. She also enjoys in incorporating animations and interactions to enhance the user experience of her creations.

Merrin became comafortable with the basics of Webflow and began assisting her classmates with their questions, referring them to tutorial videos and documentation. In her opinion, Webflow is an excellent tool for those who have a grasp of HTML and CSS, as it simplifies the workflow and enables creating designs from scratch.

Merrin's goal is to either work for a design agency or establish her own. She believes her skills and proficiency in Webflow will contribute to her success in the industry.

SOTM Winnier
Merrin Kelly
Merrin Kelly
Kentucky, USA
Northern Kentucky University