May 09, 2023 9:00am PT/12:00pm ET
on demand

Webflow Partner Roadmap Overview

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Join the Webflow Partnerships team on May 9th for a look into what's coming on the product roadmap. Britt Jamison, Head of Product, Enterprise will be walking through our near and long term roadmap and giving insight into some new lines of focus for our product team.  

We will be showcasing a new RFI template and response for our partners to leverage when customers are looking at exploring Webflow or other digital product relaunch projects.


 speakers from 
Britt Jamison

Britt Jamison

Lead Product Manager, Enterprise @ Webflow. Dog and Lego enthusiast.

Megan Wallace

Megan Wallace

Partner Solutions Engineer @ Webflow. Sunset enthusiast, puzzle lover, rock collector. Go Cards (STL).

Ethan Lewis

Ethan Lewis

 · Host

Director of Partnerships @ Webflow. Overlanding, coffee nerd, trail runner.