App Spotlight: HubSpot App

App Spotlight: HubSpot App

We’re excited to spotlight the HubSpot Certified, Webflow App, which is available to all Webflow customers.

App Spotlight: HubSpot App

We’re excited to spotlight the HubSpot Certified, Webflow App, which is available to all Webflow customers.

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In August, we introduced the next generation of Webflow Apps, as well as a number of updates to our developer platform so members of our community can build their own Apps.

Today, we want to take a moment to spotlight one of the newest additions to the Marketplace: an all new HubSpot App. 

About the new HubSpot App

With the HubSpot App, you can now integrate your Webflow site with HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing and CRM platform. As one of our most highly requested integrations, we’ve now expanded access to all Webflow customers — not just Enterprise users — and have added it to the Webflow Marketplace

Using the App, marketers and website owners can easily connect their Webflow site directly to HubSpot, making it easier than ever to configure mission critical sales and marketing automations directly inside Webflow. 

The application is HubSpot-certified, meaning it has been reviewed and tested thoroughly by the HubSpot Product team and meets that team’s high standards for security, privacy, reliability, performance, usability, accessibility, and value. 

Under the hood of our HubSpot App

With this new App, you can seamlessly map your existing Webflow forms to HubSpot, or seamlessly embed and style your HubSpot forms directly in Webflow.

Embed and style HubSpot forms in Webflow

Using the App, you can embed, style, and preview your HubSpot forms directly from the Webflow Designer. 

Connect your Webflow forms to HubSpot

If you’re using an existing Webflow form, you can map it to an existing HubSpot form. Once the connection is complete, you’ll be able to view and update all of your connected forms from the App menu.

Add HubSpot marketing assets to Webflow site

For creative updates, the App allows you to search and add any approved campaign images or videos in HubSpot directly to your Webflow site. 

Embed HubSpot chatbots

Embedding chatbots is now a breeze. Simply grab the embed code needed to add your HubSpot chatbot and add it to your Webflow site. 

Turn on Site Tracking

Because we know measurement is everything, we’ve made it easy to add your HubSpot tracking code to your Webflow site with the simple click of a button. 

Get started today

HubSpot customers looking to gain access to this App can download the Webflow App from the Hubspot Marketplace or get in touch to get started with Webflow. Any existing Webflow customers looking to start using this App can simply:

  1. Install App to the Webflow Site or Workspace of your choice
  2. Connect to the desired HubSpot account
  3. Launch the HubSpot App from the Apps panel in the Webflow Designer and start building

To learn more about integrating the Hubspot App on your site, check out our full Webflow University lesson. And if you have any questions about the App or its functionality, please feel free to reach out to our Support team

To learn more about our Apps, add additional Apps to your Webflow site, or even build an App yourself — visit our Marketplace

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January 16, 2024