10 featured Webflow projects: October 2021

10 featured Webflow projects: October 2021

Don’t miss our roundup of our favorite Webflow projects from the month of October.

10 featured Webflow projects: October 2021

Don’t miss our roundup of our favorite Webflow projects from the month of October.

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Liz Huang
Liz Huang
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Liz Huang
Liz Huang

From newspaper-like portfolios, to luxury travel experiences, to interactive fantasy maps — the Webflow community has been pushing the boundaries of what it means to create a website.

We’ve loved seeing the creativity in the projects you’ve shared through Made in Webflow. Here are some that caught our attention in the month of October. 

1. Niccolo Miranda

Another view of Niccolo Miranda's portfolio site.

Topping the list for one of the most unique portfolios we’ve seen lately is Amsterdam-based designer Niccolo Miranda’s portfolio. Instead of your standard modernist site, Niccolo takes their portfolio to the next level by turning it into a interactive newspaper. 

Another view of Niccolo Miranda's

The breaking news is Niccolo’s latest work, and the headlines and articles show off their mission statement and skills. We especially love the small details that make the newspaper aesthetic come to life such as the stylized header and footers; gray, paper-like background; and spinning animation that reminds us of a vintage newsreel. 

2. Tricks Interactive Map (Cloneable) 

An image of Timothy Rick's clonable interactive map. Throughout the map there are diamond icons that trigger a pop=up screen when clicked.

For all fans of fantasy and creating virtual experiences – Timothy Ricks’ cloneable, interactive map is a must-see. The map is scrollable with different clickable sections of the map — denoted by a red diamond.

A view of a pop-up in the interactive map. This one reads "The Shadow Fold" and features a video and short explainer.

Upon click, information about that area pops up in a sidebar. Designers can use the sidebar to add an image or video along with written content. This map is a great example of the interactive experiences like scavenger hunts that are sweeping web design right now, and would be the perfect opening page for projects in that vein. 

3. Hard Work Club 

An image of the Hard Work Club's home page.

Toronto-based Hard Work Club is an agency that is dedicated to out-of-the-box ideas.They toss corporate jargon and typical 9-5s out the window — breaking traditional norms in order to foster creativity and innovation. 

A collection of illustrated images showing the partners of the Hard Work Club.

Their website reflects this ethos. Throughout the site, the Hard Work Club uses playful colors, contrasting typefaces, and fun animations to drive home their mission. Instead of doing a multi-page layout, the Hard Work Club website is a single-scroll, with separated sections. We especially like how they’ve organized the sections in a narrative — making it easy to tell their story and mission to prospective clients. 

4. Elish 

An image of Elish's home page. It reads "Build Online buisness your way!" s

Looking for help and guidance when building your business? Elish has you covered. They are a business resource and counseling service that creates and tailors streamlined business plans to your specific needs. 

Another view of Elish's home page.

Elish’s website keeps it simple — using a single scroll navigation much like the Hard Work Club. By doing so, they’re able to clearly communicate who they are, what they do, and how they help their clients. 

5. Campbell Creative

An image of Campbell Creative's website home page. It reads "A creative marketing company helping you build Marketing Relationships With Your Audience."

Campbell Creative is a marketing agency that helps businesses like Pillsbury, General Mills, Walmart, and Nintendo tell compelling and meaningful stories via video, websites, social media, photography, and creative projects.

Instead of relying on imagery and flashy animation to get their message across, Campbell Creative leans into large typography. Through bold text and clear iconography, they explain who they are, who they’ve worked with, and what they can do for you. Websites don’t always have to be flashy to make an impact — Campbell Creative’s site is a great example of the effectiveness of using clear and concise messaging.

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Unleash your creativity on the web

Build completely custom, production-ready websites — or ultra-high-fidelity prototypes — without writing a line of code. Only with Webflow.

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6. Rich Text Enhancer by Refokus 

The Rich Text Enhancer page on the Refokus Tool site.

Webflow Partner Refokus recently created their public and free repository of Webflow tools. Within that toolbox is their Rich Text Enhancer, which allows designers to stylize text for their Webflow sites in unique and interesting ways. 

Another view of the Rich Text Enhancer page.

This tool’s section within the greater Refokus Tools site has been designed specifically to show off all you can do with the Rich Text Enhancer. We love the ever-changing fonts, funny graphics, and images that give this page personality. 

7. Bespoke Luxury

An image of the Bespoke Luxury website home page. Here you see two people sitting in front of a circular tent.

In the era of almost endless travel options, it’s important for companies to stand out. Bespoke Luxury — a Sri Lanka-based luxury travel agency — leans into showcasing the highly curated experience that they can offer to prospective travelers with their bold and eye-catching site. 

Another part of the page which showcases different "hand picked escapes in Sri Lanka."

Rich imagery is so important when you’re selling experiences, and Bespoke Luxury does this better than anyone we’ve seen — showing off incredible images of their amenities, accommodations, and the beauty of Sri Lanka. 

8. Soul Machine 

An image of Soul Machine Brand Development's website home page.

Paris-based Soul Machine is “a fashion incubator and brand development bureau” that is dedicated to supporting emerging brands and artists. They run different programs such as “Incubator,” which helps brands start, set-up and maintain their businesses. They also help small brands execute on marketing campaigns and provide larger brands with consultation on brand communication and fashion management. 

For such a creative brand in a creative industry — we love that Soul Machine’s website leans into a subtle and muted theme. This isn’t to say that the design doesn’t have bold and captivating elements —  Soul Machine keeps things interesting by using striking abstract graphics. 

9. Josephine Heide 

The homepage for Josephine Heide's portfolio. It reads "Josephine Heide Freelance Digital Designer."

We can’t get enough of clean, minimalist portfolios — and Josephine Heide’s is no exception. Based in Berlin, Josephine is a UI/UX designer who focuses on research and analytical data to create projects for her clients. 

An image of Josephine Heide's "About Me" section.

Josephine uses a straightforward design to showcase their skills, past work, and biography. What Josephine does particularly well is make all of the necessary information incredibly accessible to anyone browsing through the site. There’s no need to hunt and search for information — it’s all laid out in a beautiful and intuitive way. 

10. Veri

An image of Veri's home page. It reads "When Eating Right Becomes Easy."

When it comes to your health, it can be difficult to understand what steps you need to take to support your unique body. Veri seeks to bridge this gap with their metabolic tool. It measures your glucose levels, how your body responds to certain foods, how you can best optimize your health every day, and more. 

A graph showing off an example change of blood sugar in different people.

We like how Veri’s website uses graphics and images to show off what their product can do. Using graphic elements is often the best way to convey information about a product to potential buyers and investors. Veri does it particularly well — mixing example graphs and data to help buyers understand what information they’ll receive from Veri and what their experience using the product will be like. 

Show us your great Webflow project 

We love seeing what you all are creating with Webflow every month. For your chance to be featured in next month’s roundup, be sure to submit to Made in Webflow.

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