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People with partial vision and low vision enlarge text to make it more readable. Using user-scalable=”no” in the <meta name=”viewport” element blocks people from resizing text, and ultimately from using your site.

Make sure viewport zoom isn’t disabled

A meta viewport element tells the browser how to scale and control the page's dimensions, but zoom can be disabled as a result of its use.

To avoid disabling zoom:

  • Don’t set custom attribute to <checks-richtext_code>user-scalable=”no”<checks-richtext_code>
  • Remove the <checks-richtext_code>user-scalable="no" <checks-richtext_code>parameter from the content attribute of the <checks-richtext_code><meta name="viewport"><checks-richtext_code> element if it’s been added element

Useful resources:

Zooming and scaling must not be disabled

WCAG reference:

1.4.4 Resize text

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