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Audio descriptions describe visual information presented in video or other media. This benefits people who are blind, have low vision, or have cognitive limitations that make it hard to interpret visual cues.

Use narration in videos

Including video narration makes it understandable for people who can’t see visuals. When you bake narration in at the start, you have one video file (with captions), rather than having to add an overlaid and separate track with narration.

Learn more about Audio Descriptions in this video by Microsoft, including techniques for implementing.

If your video is pure visual:

  • Include a warning that the video has no meaningful sound
  • Make sure there’s nothing important in the video that’s not also listed on the site (much like a decorative static image — if it’s truly visual and decorative, give blind users the ability to skip it)

WCAG reference:

1.2.5: Audio descriptions

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