Make sure color isn't the only way information is conveyed

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We shouldn’t rely solely on color to convey information, indicate an action, or distinguish a visual element. This makes it impossible for people who are blind, visually impaired, or who don’t easily distinguish colors to access this information.

Use more indicators than just color

A common web design pattern is to style success states with a green background and error states with a red one. Use additional indicators for success and error states, like:

  • Using an icon for each different state (with a text alternative that indicates what the icon is)
  • Using explanatory text, like a label that says “Error” or “Success”

Links are often styled with color to help distinguish them from non-link text. This works, but be sure to add another visual indicator, like an underline.

Other ways to convey information in addition to color include:

  • Stylistic edits such as borders, outlines, box shadows, underlines, etc.
  • Text labels

See also Add descriptions to sensory-based instructions

Useful resources:

Vision preview in the Webflow Designer

WCAG reference:

1.4.1 Use of color

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