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The title element, contained in the document's head element, is often the first piece of information announced by assistive technology. This helps tell people what page or view they are going to start navigating.

Titles identify the current location without requiring users to read or interpret page content. When titles appear in site maps or lists of search results, users can quickly identify the content they need.

Note: The title is usually different from the <h1> heading, it’s the browser title for the page.

Add a page title

To change Title and Description for your pages, go to Pages panel > Page Settings > SEO Settings.

The SEO Settings panel lets you add in a custom title tag and meta description and generates a search result preview based on your inputs.

When working with CMS items, make sure to use dynamic fields to populate the Title and Description fields.

Useful resources:

WCAG reference:

2.4.2 Page titled

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