Use clear, descriptive, sequential headings

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Unstructured web content is overwhelming and unusable for everyone, but especially for people with cognitive disabilities and those who use screen readers. Headings organize content and guide readers through your site.

Your headings should make it easy to skim a page and get a clear purpose and overview of content without having to read body copy.


  • Use heading levels to show visual differences
  • Use heading text just to be compliant — make sure it’s useful


  • Use one H1 per page that describes its purpose (or only use multiple H1s when a page truly has more than one purpose)
  • Nest headings in order (e.g., H3 under H2)

To learn more about the importance of organizing your content with headings and how to style headings in Webflow, check out this section on headings in Webflow University’s video lesson on Advanced web typography.

Useful resources:

WCAG reference:

2.4.6 Headings and labels

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