How to hire a Webflow Expert (and why you should)

How to hire a Webflow Expert (and why you should)

Learn how to leverage the talent and verified experience of Webflow Experts and find the best fit for your next project.

How to hire a Webflow Expert (and why you should)

Learn how to leverage the talent and verified experience of Webflow Experts and find the best fit for your next project.

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Rease Rios

Choosing the right partner for your project is crucial, but the search process can slow you down. Webflow Experts provides a streamlined way to find an experienced, trusted partner to bring your ideas to life.

Here’s your guide to understanding what Webflow Experts are capable of and how to find an ideal partner for your next project. 

What are Webflow Experts?

Experts are Webflow-certified partners with verified experience producing quality Webflow projects and a proven track record with client satisfaction. 

Experts work within a wide range of budgets and handle a variety of design, development, and marketing projects such as platform migration, custom code & integrations, marketing & SEO guidance, rebrands & redesigns, design system setup, no-code app creation, ecommerce websites, accessibility optimization, and more.  

There are two types of Webflow Experts:

  • Professional partners: Freelancers, agencies, and consultants who provide services to small businesses and mid-market customers
  • Enterprise partners: Agencies and systems integrators who provide services to larger companies on Webflow’s enterprise platform

To become an Expert, both Professional and Enterprise partners must go through an application and review process and meet certification requirements. You can think of Webflow Experts as professionals who have already made it through the first rounds of interviews and come with glowing recommendations. 

Why work with an Expert

Expert status shows that these partners voluntarily put their Webflow skills to the test and proved that they have extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of Webflow and standard design principles. Plus, working with an Expert allows you to get started and move faster while reducing the need for design and development resources on your team. 

Proven track record, verified by Webflow 

The application and review process is a major differentiator for Webflow Experts. To be considered for the program, applicants must first submit three original, non-template websites to be evaluated by an internal panel at Webflow. The panel analyzes the websites based on the following criteria:

  • Design & aesthetics: Demonstrates strong understanding of web, graphic, and UX/UI design principles and trends
  • Layout & structure: Interesting layouts, logical class naming and structure, use of appropriate semantic tags, etc.
  • Responsiveness: Layouts, images, fonts, and all graphic elements built with responsiveness in mind, websites display properly on all devices
  • Accessibility: Images have useful alt tags, button and links have unique and meaningful names, good color contrast across all breakpoints
  • SEO: SEO page settings are established
  • Style guide & CSS naming conventions: Reusable style guide with typography and brand colors, global class utilization across website
  • Site optimization: All unused classes, interactions, and animations are cleaned up
  • Project settings: CSS in head tag, Minify & JS are checked, favicons set
  • Experience: Expert has solid knowledge and hands-on experience building in Webflow and deep understanding of Webflow CMS and/or Webflow Ecommerce

If applicants pass the panel review, they must then meet certification requirements. Applicants must pass three standard Webflow University certification exams — Layouts Level 1, Layouts Level 2, and CMS — along with the Webflow Expert certification exam which dives deeper into Webflow and overall web design and development.

Because all Experts have passed our evaluation, you can trust that they have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, allowing you to focus on finding the right Expert for your specific needs. 

Polished, professional results with fewer internal resources

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean it’s the best use of your time and resources.

Experts take care of what they know best — working in Webflow — so that you and your team have more bandwidth for your own areas of expertise. 

Experts work as an extension of your team so that you don’t have to rely on internal design and development resources. Instead, you can trust your Expert to bring polish and advanced functionality to the project. Plus, you can collaborate with your Expert during the build to provide feedback and determine which aspects of your project your team will want to manage autonomously. For example, if spinning up new landing pages for marketing campaigns and regularly editing content are important to your workflow, your Expert can cater to those needs. 

“We really felt like this was a true partnership with Webflow, our Enterprise partner 8020, and us. The trust was there and we felt really supported.”

- Jennifer Sanne, Director of Creative Projects, Ellen Digital Ventures

Finding the right Expert

You can browse Experts and use filters to narrow down your options. Filters allow you to search for Experts who offer different services, such as 3D design, accessibility optimization, animation, branding & strategy, custom code, ecommerce development, app creation, platform migrations, SEO audits, UI/UX design, web development, and more.

You can narrow your search even further by searching for Enterprise Certified Experts, specific locations and languages, and your budget range. 

Use matchmaking to get matched with Experts

The Experts matchmaking experience delivers an even more curated selection of Experts who are the best fit for your project and preferences. Matchmaking walks you through a step-by-step flow to explain your project needs and criteria so that Webflow can help you find the right partner. 

Filling out the form only takes a few minutes and allows you to send requests to multiple Experts at once instead of sending individual requests. While some questions are optional, we recommend including key project details and providing as much context as possible so you can be matched with an ideal partner. Don’t worry about being 100% certain about everything — you can always adjust project requests, timeline requirements, and budget once you’ve connected with Experts. Be honest about your budget restrictions, but try not to limit yourself to only the lowest budget option at the matchmaking stage, as it will limit the number of eligible Experts. 

After you submit your matchmaking request, you’ll receive 4-7 recommended matches for your project. You can review each match and decide which Experts to reach out to. From there, Experts review your project details and generally respond within 24 hours to either accept or decline your request. 

Once an Expert accepts your request, you’ll receive an email connecting you to them so you can start working together. 

“Working with an Expert has been a game changer. We can get new pages live faster than we thought possible and were able to keep our engineering team focused on shipping the product.”

- Scott Reynolds, co-founder & CEO of UpCodes, worked with Expert Emmett Armstrong

Find your Expert 

Ready to kick off your project? Head over to the Experts directory to browse or use Expert matchmaking to find your ideal partner.

Work with a Webflow Expert

Webflow-certified partners have verified experience and a proven track record with client satisfaction.

Find the right partner for your next project
Work with a Webflow Expert

Webflow-certified partners have verified experience and a proven track record with client satisfaction.

Find the right partner for your next project
Find the right partner for your next project

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May 10, 2023