After Effects and Lottie, meet Webflow

Airbnb’s design team built Lottie in 2017 to make it easier for developers to add Adobe After Effects animations to the web, iOS, and Android. Today, we take that one step further, making it easier for everyone to add advanced Adobe After Effects and Lottie animations to their websites visually, with Webflow interactions — no JavaScript writing required.

For a full look at today’s release, check out our announcement blog post. If you’re ready to get stared today, we’ve also created a new course on Webflow University that includes: 

  • 5 downloadable After Effects animations
  • Lottie JSON files for all 5 animations
  • A video tutorial for each one that shows you how to add it your site and control its playback with Webflow interaction 
  • A cloneable Webflow site with the animation

With some help from Lottie, we’re bringing the power of After Effects to Webflow and unlocking a new realm of possibilities for animation on your sites.