Automatic class naming

Launched on 
March 14, 2017

Starting today, you’ll no longer be required to create and assign classes to elements before you style them — we’ll do it for you.

Users comfortable with their existing workflow can carry on as usual by either creating or selecting an existing class. But with this change, automatic class generation opens up a third option that allows you to immediately style an element – without creating a class.

As you style an element, we'll create a class if you haven't already created one.
Automatic class name generation in action.

If you’re comfortable naming your classes before applying styles, you can continue to work in the same way. Classes are only generated if you haven’t already defined one first. Your existing workflow is still intact and you can use Webflow in whatever way is most comfortable to you.

Now we automatically add class names based on element type when you start styling. You can still add and name new classes just like before, but with this new workflow, you should be able to build a bit faster.



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