Updates to the Libraries beta

At Webflow Conf in November we introduced Libraries, flexible collections of website layouts, vetted by Webflow, and designed by top Webflow creators. Since launching in beta, we’ve heard from the community about how easy Libraries make it to build and ship beautiful sites, in record time.

We're making some up small but impactful updates to the Libraries beta

Today, we’re introducing a number of small, but impactful, updates based on feedback and suggestions we’ve heard from the Webflow community over the past few months.

Here’s what’s new:

Color swatch support
Quickly style Library layouts using color swatches. Library creators can now include swatches–letting you easily update colors across multiple layouts on your canvas, as well as future layouts installed from that Library. Learn more

Search for layouts across your Libraries
We’ve made it easier to find the type of layout you’re looking for by adding search functionality to the Layouts tab of the Add panel. Now you can search for types of layouts (such as nav bars, hero sections, footers and more) across Libraries, or within any individual Library, installed on your site.

Improved navigation
The Add panel now remembers your last browsing location after adding a layout to your canvas–reducing the number of clicks it takes to quickly add multiple layouts from the same Library.

Improved layout previews
You can now view an enlarged preview of a layout before adding it to your canvas by hovering over the layout in the Add panel.

Want to become a Library creator?
We are planning to add a limited number of users to the Library creator program in the coming weeks. You can join the waitlist here.

Introducing a number of small but impactful updates including color swatch support, search, and some user experience optimizations.



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