Introducing Made in Webflow

Launched on 
June 20, 2022
Screenshot of the new Made in Webflow site–formerly known as the Webflow Showcase
The Webflow Showcase has a new look — and a new name.

Starting today, the Webflow Showcase is now called Made in Webflow, and it looks a little different!

Made in Webflow paves the way for some exciting new features we’ll introduce later this year — like new Creator Profiles. Plus, this update will unlock the ability for Workspace users to showcase and share their Webflow projects on Made in Webflow.

Workspaces Update: As of June 22, 2022, Workspace accounts can now showcase sites on Made In Webflow. Permissions for showcasing a site will vary based on a user’s role in the Workspace. You can learn more about Workspace permissions for Made in Webflow here. If your account has not yet been migrated to Webflow Workspaces, you will receive an invitation to migrate to Workspaces later in June.

Right now, Made in Webflow doesn’t offer all of the same functionality that Showcase did, like the ability to leave comments. Our priority was to give you access to Made in Webflow sooner rather than later, while continuing to make it better over the coming months. But don’t worry: We’re already working to bring comments back as soon as possible! In the meantime, all comment history has been preserved. 

A note about URL updates

While Showcase URLs have been updated to reflect the new Made in Webflow name, redirects are in place, and all existing links will continue to work — including any Webflow affiliate referral links.

The Webflow Showcase has a new look — and a new name.