Restore original design (version control)

Have you ever wanted to create a public profile for your Team account to showcase sites from your agency or company? Well, now you can.

Simply head to your Team settings and fill out all your information...

Humorous and/or self-aware bios optional.

...then showcase your favorite projects to feature them on your brand new profile.

Showcased sites show up under your Team's profile.

Once showcased, people can comment and like your sites to their heart’s content.

Such showcase, much design.

For detailed instructions on showcasing sites, check out our article on Webflow University.

Sometimes, you hit a point in the design process where you just want to step back to square one—to clear out all your changes and start fresh with your template or cloned site. That's why, from now on, you'll always see the original design as an option in your site backup list.