Symbols moved to the Add panel

Launched on 
December 12, 2016

Have you ever thought it strange that you add elements to your site from the left side of the Designer, but Symbols from the right side? Well, we have. We think it makes more sense to group elements and Symbols together in the Add panel, so adding new components to your site all starts in the same place (and Interactions gets its own tab on the right).

Here's what the change looks like:

Symbols are now next to Elements in the Add panel.
You can also shortcut to the Symbols tab by hitting SHIFT+A (CTRL+A on Windows).

Creating and unlinking Symbols has also changed slightly — now you can right click on an element or hit CMD+SHIFT+A (CTRL+SHIFT+A on Windows) to create a new symbol...

Right click on an element to create a new Symbol.
Right click or hit CMD+SHIFT+A (CTRL+SHIFT+A on Windows) to creeate a new Symbol.

...and right click on a Symbol on the canvas or hit CMD+SHIFT+A (CTRL+SHIFT+A on Windows) to unlink it.

Right click on a Symbol or hit CMD+SHIFT+A (CTRL+SHIFT+A on Windows) to unlink it from the parent Symbol.

Adding Symbols to your site from the right side of the Designer has felt a little strange for some time now, so we moved Symbols over to the Add panel, on the left of the Designer. We also made some tweaks to creating and unlinking Symbols.