Update to the Wishlist voting system

To keep us all focused on the features everyone wants most (and make sure that the features at the top of the list truly are the ones everyone wants most), we’ve adjusted the voting system on the Webflow Wishlist. Now, everyone gets a total of 15 votes to spread among ideas. You can vote up to 3 times per feature, and those votes will refresh once the feature has shipped. You can also change your votes anytime.

If you’ve already voted for more than 15 ideas and you want to vote for something else, you’ll need to remove excess votes from the features you're less passionate about.

Forget what you've voted on? You can view all your current votes by clicking "My votes."

We realize this might feel limiting at first, but we also think it'll keep all of us focused on the highest-value features. And since you can always reallocate your votes, you’ll always be able to weigh in on the next big idea.

Now everyone gets a grand total of 15 votes, the ability to vote up to 3 times per feature, and flexibility to change votes anytime.