Updates to Webflow’s pricing and plans

We’re updating our pricing to reflect the continued evolution of our platform and ensure we continue growing alongside our customers for decades to come. Here are the two key changes we’re announcing today:

  1. First, we’re increasing Site plan prices for the first time since 2016. These changes reflect the vast improvements we’ve made in our product over the past six years, and enable us to invest in building a more robust and reliable platform going forward. To help make this transition easier, especially for freelancers and agencies who work with clients, we’re extending current pricing for all existing Site (Basic, CMS, and Business) subscriptions for at least one year.
  2. Second, we’re launching new Workspace plans specifically for freelancers and agencies. These plans unlock exclusive access to features tailormade to improve the experience building in Webflow for freelancers, agencies, and their clients. Keep reading to learn more about these new plans and how to get started.

You can learn more about all of these changes in our announcement blog, or watch this video for more information on Webflow’s pricing in general.

We’re updating our Site plan pricing to reflect the continued evolution of our platform, and offering new Workspace plans tailor-made for freelancers and agencies.