Use math in the Style tab

New feature: Do basic math in the Style tab

Do you ever find yourself doing math when creating your styles?

If so, you're going to like this new feature, which lets you do basic math in all number fields in the Designer's Style tab!

So if your logo is 78px wide and you want to double that, now you can type "78px * 2" and let Webflow do the math for you, automagically.

Sometimes it's easier to let others do math for you.

This works with all basic math operations (+, -, *, /), automatically guesses your units, and warns you about typos. Plus, it works in every browser, for every Webflow site.

Note: you can only use one unit per operation, so if you're trying to figure out what 760px - 2em is, you'll end up with 758px.


Need to double the width of that element? Now Webflow can do the math for you.


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