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The collaboration between designers and developers isn’t always frictionless. And as organizations scale, quality can vary, as teams become siloed and communication suffers. Design systems are one way to make sure that quality and consistency remain high as teams grow.

In this webinar, we speak to Diana Mounter, Head of Design at Github. Diana began her time at Github in 2017 as a product designer and design systems lead, and now heads a cross-functional team including Product Design, Customer Research, Brand and Marketing Design, Design Infrastructure, Design Engineering, and Design Operations. 

Join Webflow and Diana Mounter as we discuss: 

  • Best practices for integrating the workflows between design and development
  • Enhancing user experience through collaboration and documentation, from wireframing to final implementation.
  • How design systems serve as a platform for greater cross functional alignment and how to scale with quality and engagement in mind
  • The future of design systems when it comes to AI and machine learning


 speakers from 
Diana Mounter

Diana Mounter

Head of Design @ Github. Designer with an interest in systems thinking.

Rob Goodman

Rob Goodman

 · Host

Director of Content @ Webflow. Marketer. Podcaster. Artist.