Building beyond boundaries: Enhancing Webflow's capabilities with Apps

Building beyond boundaries: Enhancing Webflow's capabilities with Apps

Explore how Enterprise Partner, Flowout, enhances Webflow's capabilities and expands its revenue streams by building Apps for Webflow.

Building beyond boundaries: Enhancing Webflow's capabilities with Apps

Explore how Enterprise Partner, Flowout, enhances Webflow's capabilities and expands its revenue streams by building Apps for Webflow.

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Working with the world's top brands calls for custom solutions, which can be achieved by building apps for Webflow.

By introducing app development into our business model, Flowout boosts Webflow’s capabilities and expands our own revenue streams. 

Flowout is a Webflow Enterprise Partner that helps businesses design, build, scale, and maintain their Webflow websites. Our team of 25+ web designers, developers and project managers is ready to start on a project in less than 3 business days, providing unlimited web design, development, website maintenance, and optimization services. Additionally we help teams successfully migrate from other platforms to Webflow.

Working with some of the world's fastest-growing companies like Jasper, Moz, Clearbit, Riverside, Sendlane, and others always puts us to the test and calls for custom solutions — which we can offer by building Webflow Apps

How our Webflow Enterprise journey led us to building Apps

So far we've worked with over 100 different clients in Webflow, all requiring specific solutions for their businesses. Because of their different needs, we've been able to gain invaluable insights into the platform's capabilities. 

Webflow is an extremely powerful tool for teams with a variety of business needs, so we wanted to offer Webflow users an even more versatile environment for their projects. In order to make this a reality, we started building Apps that seamlessly integrate with its framework. 

Our motivation to create these Apps comes from a commitment to provide solutions that go above and beyond. Webflow serves as an amazing foundation for our products, addressing specific pain points that we, our clients, or other agencies have encountered.

The Webflow Apps we've built

The first tool that we built for Webflow was Linguana, a multi-language solution that lets you easily translate Webflow pages in a few minutes. That was long before Webflow's Localization feature was launched, and a lot of our clients were asking for solutions to their localization problems. 

The second tool was Vidzflow, a video hosting App for Webflow. Vidzflow expands the capabilities of videos in Webflow, allowing you to manage all of your videos without code. It provides hosting for raw video files or an embeddable and fully customizable video player - features that are not natively supported in Webflow. You can also upload and customize videos from other sources, like YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia, simply by entering their URL. 

Videos are usually a crucial part of every business, whether they’re on the landing pages, blogs, or docs. We needed Vidzflow for our internal projects and for our client work, because without it, we would be forced to continue using third-party options that are not optimized for Webflow. 

Our third app, Optibase, is for A/B testing in Webflow. Improving conversion rates on websites is the most important goal of many startups and businesses. With Google Optimize saying goodbye and the overly complex or pricey nature of similar tools, it felt like the perfect time to start building it.

Supercharge your site with Webflow Apps.

Increase your site’s functionality and extend Webflow’s core capabilities.

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Supercharge your site with Webflow Apps.

Increase your site’s functionality and extend Webflow’s core capabilities.

Get started today
Get started today

The role of Webflow Apps in business stability

The integration of app development within our business model has brought us a couple of advantages. 

Apps present a steadier revenue stream compared to the sometimes unpredictable nature of service-based models. We think it's the right way to offer complementary SaaS products next to our Webflow service business. 

For example, a service business can witness more spikes in revenue, while apps are harder to grow. However, there are less drastic changes once your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) increases. 

On the other hand, our Apps also serve as great marketing and lead generation magnets. We are able to generate leads for our service business and vice versa because we are building Apps that we know will solve a lot of pain points for our clients. Additionally, it gives us the aircover of having tailored solutions readily available. The same goes the other way around: all of our SaaS users are potential customers for our design and development business in Webflow. 

Additionally, our experience has emphasized the importance of team allocation. The teams that we use for our agency client work and products are different. If you use the same team for both, you will always prioritize clients (rightfully so), which will compromise your ability to generate value from product development.

If that happens, timelines for your SaaS product will be longer and you won’t be able to focus on product development or enhancements as much. By assigning different teams for each product, we can build Webflow Apps  much faster while still making sure that our clients stay a top priority. 

Numbers speak: Milestones and the impact of our Webflow Apps

We execute a lot of client work in Webflow, and over the years, we’ve run into limitations around video hosting and video management in general. As a result, we wanted to fill that gap for us, for our clients, and the whole Webflow community. 

Webflow’s App marketplace has been a key factor in Vidzflow’s growth. Since launching our app on the marketplace, we reached some amazing milestones. 

Our user base is steadily growing, surpassing 2000 users, including companies like Jasper, Memberstack and Flowbase. 

There are also more than 4000 videos uploaded to Vidzflow already, exceeding 6 million views. From a technical point of view, so far we’ve encoded more than 8000 videos, serving as great growth indicators for us going forward. 

Future-proofing Webflow: Our vision for upcoming app innovations 

We just released a new App called Optibase for testing websites in Webflow. Optibase lets you A/B test or split test different versions of your website so you can find the best performing versions to improve your conversions. 

Instead of guessing what works and what doesn’t work, you can make data-driven decisions to drive better website results. It equips you with the tools for testing everything from copy to design and even entire pages. Additionally, Optibase doesn’t impact your website performance; you can segment the audience based on their geolocation and screen size, and it’s completely no-code friendly. 

We're just getting started

All that considered, it’s easy to say this is just the beginning. The marketplace’s rapid expansion and the community’s positive feedback inspires us to continue developing current and all future apps.  

Webflow’s App marketplace offers so much potential for agencies and experts to innovate and contribute to this ecosystem. The marketplace is growing so fast and we’re extremely excited for the opportunity to help shape its future —  one that will fundamentally change how websites are built.

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February 20, 2024