Looking back on Webflow Conf 2023

Looking back on Webflow Conf 2023

Thank you for tuning in from San Francisco and New York City, Chicago to London, and everywhere in between.

Looking back on Webflow Conf 2023

Thank you for tuning in from San Francisco and New York City, Chicago to London, and everywhere in between.

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After traveling to four cities, two continents, and streaming globally — Webflow Conf 2023 is officially a wrap!

This year’s Webflow Conf was full of milestones: our first multi-city Webflow Conf, our first time hosting an event outside of North America, and our most globally diverse Webflow Conf event yet — with 35 different countries and nationalities represented in London alone. This was all made possible by you, our amazing community. 

Wherever you joined us from, we hope you were able to dive into our new product capabilities, and — most importantly — connect and celebrate together. 

Here’s a rundown of everything that happened at Webflow Conf 2023. 

What we announced

At this year’s event, we announced and launched new product features and capabilities to supercharge your businesses’ full potential: 

  • Increasing what you can build with native 3D integrations with Spline and new localization capabilities. 
  • Style with unprecedented control with modern and scalable design systems.
  • Expanding the ecosystem to unlock new functionalities with Webflow Apps, as well as provide a platform for developers to build on.
  • Improving collaboration to help teams of all sizes build better together with dedicated workflows for commenting, editing, and publishing.

With this slate of launches, you’ll be able to take your Webflow projects to the next level and build websites and digital experiences that are visually stunning and unmistakably professional. 

The keynote presentation at Webflow Conf Chicago

To dive deeper into everything we announced, check out the keynote recap blog

A new era — and look — for Webflow

Webflow CEO Vlad Magdalin announcing Webflow's new visual brand identity at Webflow Conf San Francisco.

During the keynote, Vlad announced Webflow’s new look: including a fresh new logo, a complete reimagining of our visual brand identity, and a sleek new interface for the Webflow Designer. 

To read Vlad’s full note on the brand refresh, click here

Spotlighting our customers in the Big Apple

Webflow's billboard featuring Manako Tamura in Times Square.

Following the debut of our new brand identity and logo, we spotlighted our amazing community of visual developers with a billboard in Times Square. 

Featuring Carl Ho, Diego Diaz, Breeona Nechole, Wilián Iralzabal, Jensen Luther, and Manako Tamura — this celebration of our amazing community featured designers, developers, and marketers who use Webflow every day to build incredible customer experiences. 

From Diego Diaz who started his own agency after a career as a security guard, to Breeona Nechole who became a designer after pursuing midwifery— we chose community members who spanned different backgrounds, experience levels, and goals. Despite their differences, they all possessed one key thing —  carrying themselves like the pros that they are. 

Session highlights from the conference

How Webflow and content design helped Edgar Allan agency grow up

In Chicago, Kendra Rainey, Vice President of Strategy and Content at Edgar Allan, walked through how the agency built a business centered around content and storytelling. She discussed roadblocks they ran into along the way, and shared how adopting a content design mindset helped them become the award-winning agency they are today. 

According to Kendra, “every project is a brand and content project.” That means that content design is key to creating sites and projects that are not only visually stunning, but meaningful to users. 

Going global: Lessons in collaboration for distributed teams

Heading across the pond to London, JJ López, global website product owner at Swiss-based global security group dormakaba joined Webflow’s senior director of sales, Lauren Rhode, to explain how they created a unified brand across their distributed teams. 

According to JJ, their team initially had eight different CMSs and brand styles, with only email and attached files as their collaboration tools. By leveraging Webflow’s collaboration tools, they’ve been able to move to a single and unified vision, CMS, and identity.  

Celebrating our partners, customers, and community at Webflow Awards 

This year's group of Webflow Conf 2023 Awards winners at Webflow Conf San Francisco

This year’s awards included 13 different recognitions across three categories: Community, Customer, and Partner. Winners represent educators, experts, teams building best-in-class websites, and rising stars. 

To learn about all of the amazing winners during the 2023 Webflow Awards, see the full list here.

Crowning a new Speed Build Challenge champion 

The Webflow Conf Speed Build Challenge, hosted at Webflow Conf San Francisco

This summer, we hosted virtual qualifier rounds — live streamed globally — for our Speed Build Challenge, a bracket-style competition that showcases and celebrates Webflow visual developers around the world. Across APAC, EMEA, and the Americas, participants competed and winners were crowned: 

  • Ankita Gupta, APAC
  • Riziki Nielsen, EMEA
  • Carlos Sepulveda, AMER

Our online community voted one final challenger, Shreya Kothakonda from the APAC qualifier, to advance to the in-person semifinals in San Francisco during our first stop of Webflow Conf 2023.

For each semi-final round, competitors received a random prompt. Competitors then had 15 minutes to build in front of the live audience in SF and thousands tuning in virtually across the world. Winners of each semi-final moved onto the finals.

Up first in the semis was Ankita Gupta, who beat out Shreya Kothakonda with her interpretation for the prompt: A hero row for a gym that has a water theme that also has a page load interaction. 

In the second semifinal matchup, Carlos Sepulveda beat out Riziki Nielsen with his build for the prompt: A mobile app UI for a movie that has a fire theme that also has a continuous scrolling interaction. 

In the finals, Carlos and Ankita — who faced off in the 2022 Speed Build Challenge for the third place title — met again in the final round to build for one more prompt: A mobile app UI for a toy store that has an earth theme and also has a mouse hover interaction. The initial build round was reduced to 10 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes where they were required to make one final edit: add a Lottie animation or Spline scene, as well as an additional interaction to their build.

Congratulations to the 2023 Speed Build Challenge winner: Carlos Sepulveda!

Watch the full semifinal and final rounds of the 2023 Speed Build Challenge here.

Webflow Conf around the World

Joy Ekuta and Quinnton Harris of Retrospect Studios at Webflow Conf New York City 
Webflow’s executive team at their “Ask Me Anything” session in San Francisco. 
Webflow Strategic Technical Architect, Ben Parker, hosting a workshop on Variables for London Webflow Conf attendees.
Attendees at the Webflow Conf social in New York City 
Riziki Nielsen being interviewed by Webflow''s social media team at Webflow Conf San Francisco. 

Don’t miss our Webflow Conf replays! 

Can’t get enough of Webflow Conf? We have the full slate of sessions from our virtual events live on the Webflow Conf website so you can catch what you missed and rewatch all of your favorite moments. 

And from all of us — we’re so happy you could join us. We can’t wait to see you next year! 

Relive Webflow Conf 2023

From our keynote showcasing the latest and greatest in Webflow to inspiring and informative sessions, all recordings from this year's Webflow Conf are available to watch on demand.

Watch now
Relive Webflow Conf 2023

From our keynote showcasing the latest and greatest in Webflow to inspiring and informative sessions, all recordings from this year's Webflow Conf are available to watch on demand.

Watch now
Watch now
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