Community grant spotlight: Claudia Cafeo, Floxies

Community grant spotlight: Claudia Cafeo, Floxies

Meet Claudia Cafeo, one of the recipients of Webflow Community Grants.

Community grant spotlight: Claudia Cafeo, Floxies

Meet Claudia Cafeo, one of the recipients of Webflow Community Grants.

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Jara Montez

For this week’s Webflow Community Grant spotlight, we’re featuring Claudia Cafeo, Founder of Floxies.

Floxies is a Webflow and UX/UI design community focused on creating space where women can support each other on their Webflow and design journeys. 

The Floxies community holds weekly meetings where they feature prominent guest speakers in the industry. Members also give feedback on each other’s current projects, serve as sounding boards for one another, and have multiple spaces where they can just connect with other women creatives.

We spoke to Claudia recently about Floxies, what they’ve been up to, and how the Webflow Community grant has been pivotal in the group’s efforts. 

Here’s what she had to say. 

What have you and the community been working on lately at Floxies? 

I’m thrilled to announce a new initiative we've been diligently crafting at Floxies — the Webflow Workout!  This is a program spearheaded by Elsa Amri and Felicity Eku, two of our passionate Floxie ambassadors. 

The Webflow Workout unveils a curated collection of concise, weekly hands-on lessons where participants can dive deep into building individual Webflow components, all while adhering to industry best practices.

We've meticulously structured our content to cater to a wide range of folks with varying levels of expertise — from foundational builds for beginners to intricate designs for advanced users.

Every week, our dedicated mentors capture these learning sessions on video, making them available both on our custom-built landing page for the program and our YouTube channel.

But we didn't stop there. As a part of this initiative, we're also offering 30 minutes of live mentoring with our instructors upon the conclusion of each topic. This real-time guidance takes place in our virtual office on GatherTown, ensuring a personal and interactive learning experience.

An image of Elsa Amri announcing the Webflow Workout for Style Guides in a post. In the image it shows the announcement text on the top with an image of Elsa smiling next to the words "Webflow Wok

What makes the Webflow Workout different from other online courses and programs? 

One distinctive feature of our program is our acknowledgment of the hustle and bustle of modern life. With countless responsibilities spanning family, work, and the relentless pace of emerging technologies, we've seen how daunting it can be to set aside extensive learning hours. That's why our bitesize lessons are designed to be both time-efficient and highly informative. Every minute you invest with us ensures maximum knowledge return.

Additionally, we're in the early stages of consolidating these invaluable lessons into a comprehensive guide. This guide will serve as a welcome kit for every new Floxie member who's keen to harness the power of Webflow.

At its core, our Webflow Workout stands distinct from traditional Webflow courses.

We don't just offer lessons; we offer a community, real-time guidance, and a flexible learning pace tailored for today's dynamic world.

How has the Webflow Community Grant assisted you in supporting your goals for Webflow Workout? 

The Webflow Community Grant has been a monumental element for the Webflow Workout — and for our community overall.

With its help, we've been able to compensate our dedicated instructors for their invaluable contributions. Recognizing and financially supporting the experts who impart their knowledge ensures we maintain high standards and quality for our trainings.

It also allows us to maintain the tools we need to keep running our community at the best possible caliber. Whether it's our virtual office, the live streaming tool, or the project management tools, the grant is what keeps us going! 

Tell us why Floxies focuses on women as the target group to support. 

The tech industry, while ever-growing, has historically seen a gender imbalance that’s focused heavily on men. For us, we choose to support and uplift women, to empower them with the right skills, and ensure that they not only excel in their roles but also become role models for others.

By doing so, we hope to create a more inclusive space in tech, where every talented individual feels valued and equipped to shine.

An image of the Floxies Club house in Gatherround. The Digital Club House  is pink with the Floxies logo in the front. Around it are green trees and a lawn.

I know the mission strikes a cord with a lot of the Webflow Community. How can they help out with Floxies and support its mission?

The broader Webflow community can support our initiative in a ton of different ways:

  • Mentorship: If you're an experienced Webflow designer or developer, consider offering mentorship or even short guest sessions to share your expertise.
  • Spreading the Word: Amplify our cause by sharing our Webflow Workout program, our events and our empowering community with your network. Whether it's through social media or word-of-mouth, every mention helps.
  • Collaborate: We're always open to collaborative projects or events.If you have ideas on how we can jointly enhance the learning experience, we'd love to hear them.
  • Engaging with the community and content: Engage with our content, provide feedback, or even participate in our lessons. Your presence and insights can help refine our programs, ensuring they remain relevant and impactful.
An image of some Floxies community members at Webflow Conf 2023.

What are some new projects you're building or looking forward to building with your initiative?

We have a few exciting ventures underway. First off is Notion Guides, where we’ll have curated, readable guides on Notion that consolidate our vast web of resources and community knowledge. These guides will act as a comprehensive repository, ensuring our community has access to knowledge whenever they need it.

We’re also looking to launch an initiative where our ambassadors revisit their primary schools with the objective to host workshops specifically for young girls. We hope that by reaching out to these students at a young age, we can spark their interest in tech early and inspire a new generation of tech enthusiasts and leaders.

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August 18, 2023