Community Grant Spotlight: Felix Lee, ADPList

Meet Felix Lee, one of the recipients of Webflow Community Grants.

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At Webflow, our community is everything to us.

That’s why, last spring, we decided to launch our Webflow Community Grants program, where we pledged 10 million dollars to help fund and amplify the reach of community-led events and resources.

Now, a year later — we’ve been thrilled to see what you, the community, have been empowered to do with these grants. From mentorship programs, to classes, to community building, and more — the wide-ranging impact created by the recipients of the program cannot be understated, and we’re so proud of the work that’s being done. 

Today, we’re shining a light on Felix Lee, one of our community grant recipients and the co-founder and CEO of ADPList, a mentorship program for people in tech. We chatted with him about all that he and the ADPList team have accomplished and how they’ve used these resources to expand their mission. 

Here’s what he had to say — in his own words: 

What is ADPList?

At ADPList, we’re on a mission to elevate the world's potential through the power of knowledge sharing. We founded ADPList in 2021 as a way for people to support each other professionally during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, it’s grown into a community of over 16K+ mentors, with 60 million minutes of mentorship successfully completed in almost every country across the globe. Everyday, our mentors offer valuable support and guidance that makes it possible for people to grow and learn in a more human way.

Who does ADPList primarily support? 

ADPList is focused on supporting people in tech — mainly designers, product managers and leaders. Technology has the power to change the world, but it can’t be done when the access to knowledge varies across talent worldwide. Our team at ADPList believes when we empower individuals, we help change the world.

How has Webflow Community Grants helped further your mission? 

Through the Webflow Community Grant we received, we’ve been able to lower costs by more than 86% for the courses and masterclasses we offer. It has empowered us to strengthen the ADPList mission at an even more accessible level for the thousands of people who are passionate about learning product, design, no-code, and leadership.

How can the Webflow Community help out?  

To join us and our mission at ADPList, be sure to get involved by becoming a mentor. To stay connected, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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August 4, 2023



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