7 must attend Webflow Conf online sessions

Attending Webflow Conf this year? Check out our rundown of unmissable online sessions for any attendee.

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Whether you’re attending online or IRL, you won’t want to miss our online breakout sessions.

We’ve got a great line-up including behind-the-scenes looks at how some of the biggest names in tech build with Webflow, inspiring stories of how visual development is helping break down barriers, and tips and tricks to make your next Webflow project pop. Here are some of our top picks of online sessions that every attendee should add to their Webflow Conf agenda.  

For in-house marketing and engineering teams

How Shift builds with Webflow

In this session, Austin Fonacier, former director of engineering at Shift, will dive deep into why Shift chose Webflow to power their online marketplace and site. He’ll cover how Webflow has improved their internal processes, lessons learned, and advice for anyone looking to make the switch to Webflow.

DevFlow: Bridging the gap between engineering and marketing

When you have two very different teams, with two very different goals — how do you enable them to come together? Join the ChattyKathi team as they explore how they were able to close this gap when building their new site in Webflow. Learn the ins and outs of their processes and how they were able to get the site up and running — in record time. You won’t want to miss it!

Empowering everyone: How MURAL scaled with Webflow

Joshua Jacobs, senior product designer at MURAL, and Marius Jurtz, senior web designer at MURAL, explain their team's journey revamping MURAL’s CMS with Webflow. They’ll discuss how they empowered the MURAL content team to manage CMS items on their own and share everything they learned along the way.

For agencies

Bringing Webflow to your agency: How to rally disparate teams behind new tools

Join Nicholas Kramer of Red Antler, as he explains how their remote-first 130+ people agency was able to come together and cultivate buy-in when implementing Webflow. Nicholas will explain step-by-step how they were able to empower employees of different skill sets, strengths, and experiences to build in Webflow for the majority of their client projects.

Growing a Webflow business through collaboration

We all know that collaboration is important within teams and companies, but what about between competing agencies? Mason Poe from Edgar Allen and Matt Varughese from 8020 discuss how collaboration between the two agencies has helped each grow their business in this panel discussion moderated by Emily Giordano of The Great Design Lead podcast.

For freelancers and independent creators

Small on purpose: Thriving as a Webflow solopreneur

For those who want to scale their business, but remain small, be sure to check out  Grace Walker’s session. As the founder, owner, and sole employee of Grace Walker Design, Grace will talk you through why she chose to stay small, her personal journey to freelancing, and how you can grow your business sustainably without growing your size.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Changing the world with Webflow

Join Lizzie Curtis of SIDE Labs (short for Social Impact Digital Explorers) as she explains how to use Webflow to alleviate suffering and reduce inequalities in our world. During the presentation, she’ll explore a real-life case study as well as how SIDE is making a difference through their partnerships with businesses and nonprofits.

Check out our full online agenda

And that’s not all! Check out the Webflow Conf site to see the full slate of all of our great online breakout sessions and activities. We can’t wait to see you!

Join us in November

From November 9-10, we’re bringing together the makers, creators, and visionaries behind the world’s greatest websites.

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October 7, 2022

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