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Please fill in this short form and we'll review your application. Once approved, we'll send you your promo code for a free annual CMS site plan, and instructions on how to get set up.

Acceptable forms of proof include a photo of school ID, or a school schedule for the current year. Your full name, and school logo must be clearly visible. Discounts can only be applied to student-related, non-commercial websites.

  1. The student discount code applies solely to student-based sites, such as portfolios, personal blogs or school projects.
  2. Students are eligible for a discount for one site only.
  3. Commercial sites do not qualify for the student discount. Sites intended for monetization are not eligible for the student discount.
  4. It’s not acceptable to use the student discount to build a site for another person, a client or an organization.

* If you're a student at an online course, you'll need to apply through your professor's unique link. The promo code we send out for students at universities is different, and won't work if you try to apply it.

Use your school associated email address (e.g. .edu or equivalent). If you do not have one, you can still submit with proof of enrollment.

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Max file size 10MB.
Applications that do not meet the requirements listed above will be rejected. Your full name, and school logo must be clearly visible.
Sit tight! We'll review your application and get your code over to you soon (this can take up to 5 days if you don't have an email containing .edu).

Reminder: you'll need to create a Webflow account with the email address you applied for the discount with. If you've not done this yet, head over to and get your account set up.
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