Sync Figma
to Webflow

Turn your static designs into clean, production-ready code with the Figma to Webflow plugin.

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Figma to Webflow — where design meets visual web development

Go from Figma to Webflow, faster

Convert your static designs in Figma to clean HTML and CSS in Webflow with just a few clicks.

Use templates or go completely custom

Whether you start with responsive prebuilt layouts and structures within the plugin or create custom components, your designs smoothly convert to Webflow.

Sync your design system

Send your styling, layouts, colors, text, and images to Webflow and transfer them seamlessly.

New from Labs

Try the Figma to Webflow App built by Webflow Labs. The new App connects to the plugin via the Designer APIs, so you can sync Figma variables and components to Webflow.

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How it works

The Figma to Webflow plugin converts auto layout frames in Figma to clean code in Webflow, connects to the Webflow App, and syncs your design system within a few clicks.

Install and connect

Install the Figma to Webflow plugin, then authorize access to the Webflow sites or workspaces you’ll be using to transfer designs from Figma to Webflow.

Click to sync

Create components and style with variables using auto layout in Figma, then easily translate your designs to Webflow as responsive flexbox structures — plus adjust HTML tags within Figma to get your site live faster.

Polish + publish

Bring your static designs to life with IX2, wire up content using our powerful CMS, and one-click publish onto the fastest hosting infrastructure.

Connecting your Webflow account to the Figma to Webflow plugin UI.
Figma to Webflow UI showing how to sync your design system between Figma and Webflow.
Webflow UI showing how you can polish your design after syncing your Figma designs in Webflow.

Gain creative power beyond static design

Build with Webflow

Build powerful websites without writing code.

Launch with Webflow

Go live in just a few clicks.

Click to sync,
polish, publish

Streamline your site build today with the Figma to Webflow plugin.

Figma UI showcasing a website design in auto-layout. A window is layered on top displaying local variables for color.Webflow UI showcasing a website design that is using color and font variables. A window is layered on top displaying local variables for color.Figma to Webflow plugin UI displaying a success message for the sync.