How Webflow helps Flow Ninja grow their business and streamline client work

Explore how this full-service agency elevates the client experience by creating a centralized control center for everything from website maintenance to project

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With Webflow, Flow Ninja is elevating the client experience by giving large organizations a more streamlined approach to managing their web presence and paving the way for developers and engineers to focus on high-impact work.

Flow Ninja is a full-service agency and Webflow Enterprise partner that provides creative and strategic solutions to launch and grow projects. Their team of designers, developers, project managers, marketing specialists, and more offer a range of services such as web design and development, website maintenance, no-code platforms, and consulting. 

As a Webflow agency, the dedicated team centers their work around building in Webflow. We talked to Uroš Mikić, CEO at Flow Ninja, about how Webflow supports their growing agency. 

Flow Ninja's logo in white text on a blue background.

Streamlining portfolio company sites

Venture capital (VC) companies require a far-reaching online presence that allows each individual brand to shine. But trying to maintain brand standards for various ventures across multiple websites is time-consuming and expensive. According to Uroš, Webflow is an ideal solution for these challenges. 

“Webflow is the go-to choice for VC firms. They can use Webflow as their central resource and manage all their businesses from a single dashboard. Everything is unified.”

Uroš Mikić, CEO, Flow Ninja

Recently, Flow Ninja relied on Webflow to create an all-in-one solution for Eucalyptus, a health-tech venture firm that manages four healthcare portfolio companies. Using Webflow’s CMS and features like component libraries, Flow Ninja was able to create a structured framework for Eucalyptus that streamlines content management and ensures design consistency across each brand within their portfolio. 

With a standardized CMS structure, Eucalyptus’ portfolio companies can easily manage content across all websites, saving time and allowing them to focus on driving investments. Flow Ninja used component libraries to establish a unique visual identity for each brand under the Eucalyptus umbrella, empowering their teams to launch new pages and update existing content autonomously. 

“Clear guidelines and a comprehensive library of reusable components and design elements lead to more efficient decision-making and faster project turnaround times,” says Uroš. Webflow allows both Flow Ninja and Eucalyptus portfolio team members to move quickly without putting quality at risk. When one of Eucalyptus’ portfolio companies, Juniper, needed to launch in the UK, Flow Ninja simply duplicated the project, and Juniper’s team was immediately able to make copy adjustments and go to market in just a few weeks time. 

The increased efficiency and speed that Webflow brings allows teams to make a positive impact on more than just the bottom line. Working in Webflow helped Flow Ninja accommodate fast turnaround times on an important project for another Eucalyptus portfolio company, Kin.  

Kin aims to improve standards of women’s reproductive health, so when the Australian government passed legislation to provide only 2 days of bereavement leave for parents who experience a miscarriage, Kin wanted to launch their “We Need More Leave” campaign right away. 

“They wanted to make an impact quickly, ads and billboards everywhere, but they also needed a place to send all that traffic,” says Uroš, “by leveraging Webflow, we were able to design and develop the ‘We Need More Leave’ page in just a few days and create an interactive showcase of businesses who are supporting that cause.”

The "We Need More Leave" campaign page FlowNinja built for Juniper, showcase an array of website screenshots tiled down a webpage.

Using development and engineering resources wisely

All too often, web development agencies have to dedicate valuable developer resources to low-level coding and maintenance tasks to get a site off the ground. And once the site launches, those tasks get transferred to in-house engineering teams. Pulling developers and engineers away from their areas of focus and bogging them down with marketing campaigns and website maintenance isn’t just inefficient, it’s expensive. 

With Webflow, Flow Ninja’s developers can focus on building exciting new functionality instead of site maintenance. And on the client side, engineers can dedicate their time to improving their product offerings instead of going back and forth with marketing about site updates. 

For consulting agency Paal15, Flow Ninja standardized content for each of their main page types and set up design guardrails for elements like image sliders. This way, the Paal15 team can feel confident launching new pages and managing content on their own while relying on Flow Ninja to tackle new builds. 

Screenshot of the design and content guidelines and guardrails Flow Ninjs set up for Paal15
“Instead of maintaining websites just for the sake of it, we focus on researching, developing, and building new things. That’s a big difference between Webflow and other platforms — it allows us to build long-lasting partnerships and focus on how we can improve websites and help businesses grow.”

Uroš Mikić, CEO, Flow Ninja

Flow Ninja’s process also helps teams use their internal engineering resources wisely. For online work marketplace Upwork, the shift completely changed how their internal engineering and marketing teams worked and sped up content production exponentially. 

Before moving to Webflow and enlisting Flow Ninja’s help, Upwork’s website was distributed across three different platforms. Upwork’s engineering team worked on the marketing website, so tasks like new page creation and updating links were mixed in with their daily engineering duties. And with the previous setup, straightforward tasks like updating a global component across pages could take 5 days — costing the team time on top of engineering bandwidth.

“It’s not the best use of resources to have engineers working on marketing pages,” says Uroš, “it’s expensive and also a much slower process because they have to integrate marketing work into their regular release cycles.”

To address this challenge, Flow Ninja brought everything into a single Webflow Workspace. Migrating everything to Webflow allowed Flow Ninja to create a dedicated development team to quickly update outdated websites and branding. 

“Before Webflow, changing something simple like a footer link took a long time because those tasks aren’t high priorities for engineers. With Webflow, our team can take care of those things quickly and let Upwork’s engineers focus on what they do best — product development.”

Uroš Mikić, CEO, Flow Ninja

For Upwork, migrating their websites to Webflow and working with Flow Ninja have completely changed how they use their internal resources and how quickly they can put out content. Because engineers and developers are no longer directly involved in page creation, one team has scaled from 500 to 2,500 pages in two years without any developer assistance. 

Screenshot of the Resource Center page Flow Ninja built for Upwork

Enables FlowNinja to build a product that streamlines work 

Webflow not only empowers Flow Ninja to streamline client work, but client management and handoff as well. Flow Ninja realized that most project management tools aren’t designed for web design and development work, particularly on the client side — so they built their own in Webflow. 

 “Most project management tools don’t have client views,” says Uroš, “so we created our app, SixStar, with clients in mind. It doesn’t offer complex features that they’ll never use. Instead, it puts everything they need and want in one place, so they can manage their whole project with us in Webflow.”

With the SixStar app, Flow Ninja clients can check task status, request new tasks, monitor their budget, watch training videos, report bugs, and more. For example, if a client reports a P1 bug, the app sends a Slack notification to the entire Flow Ninja team to make sure the bug is handled right away. Clients can also use SixStar to view a library of custom training videos from Flow Ninja to learn how to manage aspects of their websites autonomously. 

“The simple platform built in Webflow lets us streamline communication and allow the client to manage their whole web experience with us. We use SixStar to integrate directly into our clients' teams, allowing clients to have the same (or greater) output with a small marketing team in-house while they partner with our studio for development work.”

Uroš Mikić, CEO, Flow Ninja

Before launching SixStar, Flow Ninja and their clients had to agree on a project management tool for each project, creating friction before work even started. With SixStar, clients have direct access to the Flow Ninja team and can use a tool designed for clients. And because it’s built in Webflow, no one has to pay for an additional project management tool. 

What started as a side project that a few Flow Ninja team members worked on between client projects became a beta version of the SixStar app within a matter of months. For now, the tool is only available to Flow Ninja clients, but the team is considering creating an open source platform in the future. 

Keep up with Flow Ninja

You can explore more of Flow Ninja’s work and learn more about their approach to delivering top-notch experiences on their website. And if you’d like to work with this talented team, reach out to discuss your project.

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June 28, 2023



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