From frustration to customization: How using Webflow changed the game for Mothershed Design Co.

See how switching to Webflow allowed one design agency to take full control over their web design process and grow their business.

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The Webflow team spoke to Mothershed Design Co. about how shifting to Webflow allowed them to bring custom web design fully in-house — all while speeding up project timelines and increasing revenue.

Mothershed Design Co. has always been passionate about helping small businesses succeed. But as they took on more custom web design projects, they felt constrained by platform limitations and the need to hire outside developers to bridge the gap. 

Below, Meg Mothershed of Mothershed Design Co. shares how Webflow transformed how they work.

The challenge of building custom websites

Previously, we used Squarespace and Wordpress to build our clients’ websites. This often proved frustrating due to the lack of customization options, frequent update requirements, and the need to hire an outside developer for complex websites.

While we had general Wordpress knowledge, using the platform was incredibly tedious. All of our Wordpress builds required outside contractors, which was expensive. Plus, it forced us to give up some control over the process. 

Building in Squarespace was challenging as well. Every project had to start with a template, which completely disrupted our design process. Rather than strategically planning and designing the site first, we had to jump into design and development simultaneously. 

Platform limitations really boxed us in. Relying on default settings for essential aspects of the web design — like breakpoints for mobile and tablet screens — was such a headache. 

Held back by lack of coding skills

We pride ourselves on our dedication to quality and providing a seamless customer experience — so bringing outside developers into the process was nerve-wracking. What if they didn’t meet deadlines or went over budget? How could we guarantee a great project and experience for our clients? 

Working with outside contractors slowed down our timelines. And because we had to charge more for projects to compensate for the extra costs, we were priced out of several potential website projects. 

While we wanted to bring custom web development in-house, it didn’t seem possible. Learning how to code felt overwhelming. We spent hours taking courses, but always ended up feeling held back. 

Creating on our own terms

Webflow’s design tools and visual editor helped us understand the web development principles that we struggled with for so long when relying on coding skills alone. Now, our custom design and development is 100% in-house. 

This shift enabled us to take on dream projects like the Hidden Woods Film Co. website. After meeting with Hidden Woods Film Co., we knew they’d need a motion-focused website that felt immersive and modern. Thanks to Webflow’s capabilities, we were confident we could deliver just that.

The Hidden Woods Film Co. website built by Mothershed. The headline reads, "Make your story known."

Including full-screen background videos and parallax effects throughout the website helped us capture the agency’s cinematic approach to video production. We even built a custom proposal template directly into the site so Hidden Woods Film Co. has an easy-to-use tool to land new, big-name clients. 

When we work in Webflow, we can offer full website packages — design, development, and copywriting — without the expensive overhead or unknown factors associated with contractors. It’s a better experience for us and our clients. 

Our clients feel empowered to maintain their own websites 

Recommending clients start with or switch to Webflow is a very easy conversation. They love hearing that we can build a website suited to their specific needs. And we don’t just deliver custom sites, we also provide training so our clients feel comfortable taking ownership of their websites. 

After an initial training session, we create a custom video library that shows clients how to perform essential tasks like publishing blog posts or updating images. When clients see the ease of using Webflow, they feel empowered to manage their website. And because Webflow updates automatically, clients feel much less stressed about keeping their website secure. 

While we’re available to answer client questions, we’ve found that Webflow’s great support and educational resources enable clients to take pride and ownership over their most important marketing tool. 

Webflow changed everything

When we discovered Webflow, we felt like we had finally found a web development tool that works for designers, too.

Webflow allows us to build beautiful websites for our clients and ourselves. We designed and developed our own company’s website without feeling held back or limited in any way. Now, the Mothershed Design Co. website serves as an excellent example of our web design and development capabilities and acts as a portfolio piece in and of itself. Without Webflow, our evolution into both a branding and web design studio would not have been possible. 

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January 31, 2022



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