How Stir used Webflow to build their community

See how Stir uses the Webflow for Creators program and why they believe Webflow is the ideal platform for creators.

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Last week, we launched Webflow for Creators — our new program that offers content creators that work with our partners a free template and three free months on Webflow.

The Webflow partners that work with our creators are an essential component of this program. We chatted with Joe Albanese, CEO at Stir — a key partner in the Webflow for Creators program — about how he and his team work with creators, how they use Webflow to further their mission, and why Webflow should be the website platform of choice for all creators. 

What is Stir and how do you work with creators? 

Stir is a business in a box for creators. We empower creators to collaborate with others and their teams, split revenue any way that they make money online, and bring clarity to the most important business metrics. 

Our company's mission is to live in a world where anyone can make a living off of their creativity. And we believe the best way to do that is to make it easy to run a business and work better with others.

What initially brought you over to Webflow? 

At Stir, we have a philosophy that there are no real "roles" or "functions." Just because you do sales or operations, doesn't mean that you shouldn't be able to contribute to design or engineering work. In fact, the best ideas are usually a collaborative effort across people with different backgrounds and experiences. 

The biggest threat to true collaboration that we have seen is a lack of good tooling to empower folks to do the work. For example, you can't teach someone to be an engineer overnight — but you can give them a tool that they can pick up quickly that lets them think like one.

We were drawn to Webflow because it puts that philosophy into practice. By investing in a great tool, we've created an outlet for our team of diverse skill sets to help communicate their ideas to our customers.  

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What did you use to build your site before moving to Webflow?

Our previous setup was running on React and required tons of lift to fix small bugs or make copy changes. It became untenable, was a poor use of resources, and ultimately inhibited creativity. 

What's your favorite thing about using Webflow?  

The speed! Not just when making quick changes through the Editor, but also in terms of building. We're able to spin up pages in hours, not days. That is a massive advantage when you're iterating through a space moving so quickly.

As someone who works so closely with creators, why do you think they'll benefit from creating a site on Webflow? 

The promise of the "Creator Economy" is that it's brought true democratization of creativity to millions of individuals. A big part of that was connecting all of us through these incredible platforms that incentivize connection with others. Webflow helps increase that vision even further. Just as an iPhone allows anyone to become a filmmaker, Webflow enables anyone to become a web developer. 


September 1, 2021



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