Easier GoDaddy domain connection

Launched on 
August 3, 2017

Now when you go to connect a domain registered with GoDaddy, you'll be prompted to connect your domain with our brand new integration, which should make your life a bit easier:

Click connect with GoDaddy to login to your account.
First things first...

If you're not already signed in to GoDaddy, you'll be prompted to do so. From there, it's a click of a button:

Click Connect and you're ready to go!
Domain configuration, made easy.

Then you're all set! You can still configure your GoDaddy domain manually as before if needed, but this should help you get back to designing faster than before.

Note: When you first buy a domain from GoDaddy, it usually takes a bit of time (about 30 min) for the domain to be "ready for use," so look out for an email from GoDaddy indicating your domain is ready before trying to connect it to your Webflow site. If you try to connect before it's ready, the integration won't work.

Now, Webflow automatically detects domains registered with GoDaddy, so connecting your GoDaddy registered domain to your Webflow site is easier than ever. No more CNAME configuration, no more A records to keep track of, no more headaches.